The nutritional value of cod and practices


Also known as cod narrow, Pollack, the bulk of blue, big mouth, bullhead, the bulk of fishy, stone fish intestine. 

Cod (CodFish) for the cold-water bottom fish, found in the North Pacific, and I made in the Yellow Sea and northern East China Sea. Primary listing for the December to February the following year, the summer was 4 in July. Is to use a wide range of commercial fish in many countries in the consumption of cod fish as the main one. Varieties of haddock, hake fish, silver fish to cod. 

Extension of cod fish, slightly flat side. Big head, mouth, lower jaw shorter, lower front jaw has a tentacle, the back is grayish brown with irregular dark brown spots or stripes, gray ventral to dorsal fin of three, two anal fin, caudal fin truncate. Cod fish thick coarse, was garlic-like taste more delicious, thorn less. In addition to fresh, it can also be processed into a variety of aquatic food. In addition, cod liver, and high oil content, is cod liver oil extraction of raw materials. 

Nutritional value 

1, cod fish, rich in protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, selenium and other nutrients, nutrient-rich, sweet meat; 

2, fish is rich in magnesium, on the cardiovascular system are well protected, help prevent hypertension, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular diseases. 


Cod often head, skin removed, to the frozen product sold. Common burning, steaming, frying and other methods into a dish. 

Consumption efficiency 

Meat: Blood stasis; bladder: the blood to stop bleeding; bone: treatment athlete's foot; liver oil: Convergence sore Qingrexiaoyan. Indications bruises, bruises, athlete's foot, burns, ulcers. 


Cod liver cod liver oil can be used to extract oil content of 20 ~ 40%, rich in vitamin A, vitamin D.Cod liver oil inhibited against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the unsaturated acid in one hundred thousandth the concentration that is able to prevent bacterial growth. Liver oil can also eliminate the trauma of the existence of infectious bacteria. Cod liver oil ointments made from liquefied necrotic tissue quickly. Cod pancreas contains a lot of insulin, can be extracted from 1kg 12000IU pancreatic insulin and has good hypoglycemic effect, for the treatment of diabetes.