The nutritional value of cod fish


Cod flesh thick, thin stab little, sweet meat. Cod fish protein accounted for 16.8%, compared with salmon, butterfish, shad, octopus are high, and contained in fat and cod fish, like sharks, only 0.5%, 17 times lower than the salmon, 7 times lower than the cutlass. Per 100 grams of edible parts of cod 88 kcal calories, 20.4 grams of white matter, 42 mg calcium, magnesium 84 mg, 2.7 mg niacin, vitamin A14 micrograms, 1.2 micrograms of carotene, potassium 321 mg, 232 mg phosphorus, sodium 130 mg, 24.8 micrograms of selenium, cod liver oil content high, in addition to regular fish oil rich in all of the DHA, DPA, but also contain essential vitamins the human body A, D, E and other vitamins. Cod liver oil in the ratio of these nutrients, the human daily requirement is the best ratio. Therefore, the Nordic people call it on the table, "nutritionist."
Cod has some health benefits 
Cod fish: stasis; bladder: the blood to stop bleeding; bone: treatment athlete's foot; liver oil: Convergence sore Qingrexiaoyan. Cod liver cod liver oil can be used to extract (oil content of 20 ~ 40%), rich in vitamin A, vitamin D. Cod liver oil inhibited against Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the unsaturated acid in one hundred thousandth the concentration that is able to prevent bacterial growth. Liver oil can also eliminate the trauma of the existence of infectious bacteria.Cod liver oil ointments made from liquefied necrotic tissue quickly. Cod pancreas contains a lot of insulin, can be extracted from 1kg 12000IU pancreatic insulin and has good hypoglycemic effect, for the treatment of diabetes. 
Cod low-fat, high protein, low thorn is nutritious food for all ages. Cod with high nutrition, low cholesterol, etc easily absorbed by the body. 
Containing cod liver fat globulin, albumin and phosphorus nuclear protein, also contains a variety of child development are essential amino acids, the ratio and children's requirements are very similar, they can be easily digested and absorbed, it also contains unsaturated fatty acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron, B vitamins and so on.